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You've arrived at the home of the Original Morf Fidget Worm.

Morf Fidget Worms were born out of a collaboration between Josh Jakus and Dan Abramson, two friends from the west coast of the USA. Over burritos one day, they decided to join forces, and the rest is fidget history!

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Josh studied architecture at UC Berkeley and works as a multi-disciplinary designer and maker. He is the CEO of Automatic Arts and was the creative mind behind worldwide viral hits such as the UM zipper bags and the Zip necktie. Josh brings a uniquely inventive and architectural design sense to the partnership.

Dan began his toy career in 2014 with his opening opus, Yoga Joes, green army men figurines doing yoga instead of fighting. From there, he created Humango, an independant toy company, that thrives on innovative and unconventional products, such as the Wood Fiddle Phone and the Mars Zen Garden. Dan brings an intuitive creativity that is the perfect counterpart to Josh's methodical style.